Value proposition

What is in the primary mission of direct access?

A: We connect investors and corporate executives directly without participation of brokerage firms.

Q: What is the core value of the Access Square proposition?

A: At the core, Access Square encourages long-term investment and greater time spent on building the business experience through direct interaction between our corporate clients and the investor community. We believe that a broker led model has inherent potential conflicts and is inadvertently skewed to short term investing (or even perhaps trading). To learn more, please reach out to info@access-square.com .

Q: What types of venues are available for a meeting?

A: We can facilitate the meetings at either investor offices, corporate headquarters or at hotels with business centers.

Q: How do we ensure sufficient industry coverage and knowledge in a meeting?

A: We expect the Head of Investor relations to host all meetings, to stimulate thoughtful and informative conversation, as well as ensure compliance with Reg FD. We are knowledgeable in specific sectors and can conduct the meetings.

Q: Do you attend the meeting or is it behind closed doors?

A: Investors have a choice to request our presence. Generally, we do not attend the meetings.

Q: What sectors do you currently focus on?

A: We are currently focused on the Financial, Tech and Healthcare sectors. We will consider adding other sectors on case by case situations. Please reach out to us to learn more, and sign up on our list to be notified about upcoming events and meetings.

Q: Are you hiring?

A: Yes, please reach out to careers@access-square.com


Q: What solutions and features do you offer?

A: Please see our home page for details. We encourage you to request a live demo.

Q: How can I try the demo?

A: Email us at sales@access-square.com or call 212-804-8323 and a team member will walk you through the platform.

Q: If I have a suggestion for improvement, how do I get in touch?

A: We encourage feedback and actively explore areas for improvement. Please reach out to feedback@access-square.com or call 212-804-8323.

Q: Do prices get displayed for our meeting?

A: Reimbursement amounts are not viewed by investors. Each investor indicates their level of interest in attending the event and depending on tiers gets displayed on the platform.

Q: Can I upload my own contacts and target investors list?

A: Yes you can, we allow for full functionality or target list on boarding

Q: Do you provide information about meetings that take place at my investment firm?

A: Yes. Please have your head of data or head of broker relations reach out to sales@access-square.com

Q: Can you help me organize a conference?

A: Yes, we offer solutions to facilitate industry specific conferences sponsored by investors without broker sponsorship.


Q: How do I know my data is kept confidential?

A: Access Square does not sell, license nor grant any information attained on the platform. We occasionally use site diagnostic data to improve site performance and provide improvements.

Q: Do you read my messages?

A: In accordance with our strict company compliance policy, we do not have any space for written notes or messages. All communication is conducted via email without Access Square participation, unless explicitly included.

Q: How do you ensure reimbursement data per meeting or otherwise does become public?

A: We use a blind auction process and full discretion for corporates to make a decision that is in their best interest.

Q: How do I delete all my data from the platform?

A: We are happy to oblige and recognize we do not own your data. Please reach out to feedback@access-square.com for more details.


Q: Are there any regulatory or legal restrictions for companies getting reimbursed for the time spent with investors?

A: No, there are no regulatory or legal restrictions or guidelines. In fact, there is an established and widely accepted practice of American Depository Receipts (ADRs) receiving reimbursement from third party to cover investor relations expenses, including listing fees.

Q: How do I know the use case is compliant with regulatory practices?

A: We have spoken with SEC to ensure full compliance with current financial rules and regulations. We are happy to provide an authorized letter to support the case.

Q: What form of agreement or contract do you offer to companies?

A: We reimburse a companies direct expenses. This can include it’s travel, food or listing fees on an exchange. The agreement is tailored accordingly.